How the Trust was Founded

Hovis Loaf

This loaf was made to help raise money for The Restoration of Gold Hill’s ancient Cobbled Surface. Gold Hill has featured in many films and television productions, – the Hovis Bread Advertisement probably being the most well known. Rank Hovis generously donated £10,000 towards the £75,000 required to finance the restoration work. North Dorset District Council also gave £10,000 and the balance was raised by public donation and local fund raising, under the Mayor’s Gold Hill restoration Appeal.

Through the public’s generous support all repairs have been completed and a maintenance fund established. The Shaftesbury Charitable Trust which has now succeeded the Mayor’s Gold Hill Restoration Appeal was set up in June 1988 to provide grants to assist with the preservation of buildings and places of historical interest, and other projects which will enhance Shaftesbury for the benefit of both residents and visitors and also for educational purposes.

BoyYour continued generous support for this worthwhile Chartiable Trust fund will be most appreciated.